• Conference Time:  2:41 - 3:30
    Coach Lewis'  Class Rules for 2015/2016
    1.  Be respectful to others
    2.  Respect other people's property
    3.  Don't be tardy to class  (have  pencil, pen, paper, and planner)
    4.  If you come to class late or without  pen,pencil,paper and planner you will receive a tardy,  ( 3 tardies and you      will be assigned to ISS
    5.  I will not accept late papers, you receive a 0 if you don't turn homework in on time
    6.  It is your responsibility to find what you missed when you are absent
    7.  Test and major grades will count 60%
          Daily papers and homework will count 40%
    8.  I will check your notebook/folders (all grades papers I have handed back to you each 6 weeks) at the end of
         each 6 weeks.  If you have all of your papers you will receive a grade of  100    that will count as a test grade